What is SiteTraxx?

By tracking and documenting daily events and resources, SiteTraxx serves as the common platform for managing onsite activities resulting in transparency across the jobsite, significant savings, and accurate project controls, and improved site safety and security.

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The Problem

Currently, daily jobsite reporting is primitive, time consuming and worse yet gathered but organized incorrectly. Historical daily report collection methods have fallen short, leaving information inaccessible and poorly documented, calling into question data validity and credibility.

The Solution

SiteTraxx is a holistic solution combining both onsite hardware (kiosks, mobile tablets, weather stations, etc.) and a custom industry specific software solution to collect, analyze and report essential data in real-time. SiteTraxx expansion modules integrate and provide a holistic site view including: site security, time and attendance, onsite weather data, project event time stamps, delivery and haul-off logs, time impact analysis, safety and risk management programs, quality control programs, claims mitigation, labor tracking/forecasting and many more solutions growing to meet your needs. SiteTraxx levels the playing field, providing a consistent, universal, and transparent view of job-site data in one integrated solution.