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Real-Time Information for all Stakeholders in ONE Solution

SiteTraxx Daily Cycle

SiteTraxx is a hardware and software solution for construction daily event and resource tracking, reporting and analytics. SiteTraxx combines cloud-based software and proprietary onsite hardware to eliminate the guesswork from construction site reporting, minimize human error in data collection and increase data accuracy while providing valuable data insights for every stakeholder in one platform accessible anywhere.

Automated Reporting Throughout the Work Day




~ Increase operational efficiency of projects
~ Immediate and accurate reporting
~ Work toward strategic initiatives


~ Accurate employee time management
~ Accurate estimates increase profits
~ Onsite hardware provides workforce accountability
~ Integration with state-of-the-art software


~ Manage multiple projects and large employee teams
~ Manage project sites of every size and type
~ All-in-one platform for tracking everything from labor to daily deliveries
~ Save time by integrating information into the back office

Asking Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you concerned about being over budget?

Overall spending in construction has decreased this year according to the Commerce Department. As an Investor you, need to be 100% sure that each and every one of your construction projects, be it consumer or commercial orientated, are being completed on time and on budget. SiteTraxx is the tool you need to track contractors, work completed, and money spent. Don’t just hope you are on budget and will complete on time…KNOW you are on budget…KNOW you are on schedule.  Call or email SiteTraxx today for a demo.

Do you have adequate risk management?

Short term problems can quickly mount up and turn into large issues that impact the bottom line of your construction project. Manage manpower conflicts, document potential impacts with credible data and mitigate potential risk issues by implementing SiteTraxx…tracking all of your paths to a successful build and profitable project for all stakeholders.  Call or email to schedule a demo today!

Are your construction crews all on the same page?

Large multi-site construction projects are infamously difficult to manage. Communication between Owners/Investors, Supervisors, General Contractors, and Subcontractors is vital for the success of your project. The ability to mitigate manpower issues and resolve plausible project impacts immediately should be the number one initiative for all stakeholders. SiteTraxx software gives you information at the click of a button…Full real-time reporting and analytics keeps you in the loop and ahead of any challenges before they become problems.  Call or email for a demo today.